Special Foams

Closed and semi-closed cell Epdm foams which perform high heat and water insulation at a wide range of working temperature; vibration absorber heavy layers which can be combined with different materials; rubber foams which are used for interior panel insulations and 200C resistant silicone sponges which has a wide range of usage in heating and cooling industry converted as a finish part by Netplast’s quality.

The solutions offered by Netplast meet the requirements of our customers to :

  • Reduce Noise Levels
  • Meet Internal Temperature Requirements up to 130 degrees
  • Meet External Temperature Requirements up to 80 degrees
  • These applications are used specially for applications such as Insulation for Dash as well as PAS Pumps in vehicles.

Netplast manufactures special foams which have Heat Foils moulded / post moulded for special purpose applications where the Heat Resistance requirement is high. These foams are used specially in the Engine Bay Area. The foams with the foil can sustain continuous temperature up to 250 degrees. The foams can also be moulded with Inserts, have Heat Resistance foil and in some case also be mounted in the vehicle with double side adhesive tapes specially designed for these requirements. Complex shapes can be designed due to limited space availability in the Engine Area.