ISF (Integral Skin Foam) Engine Covers

ISF Engine Covers are Engine Covers made in Polyurethane. They eliminate the need for Plastic Part thereby meeting the same properties and requirement at reduced cost. ISF Foams can be Insert Moulded in a manner that they can be directly mounted on the Engine and give the same look and appearance of Plastic Beauty / Engine Covers.

Advantages of ISF Engine Covers:

  • High Acoustic Performance (Integral Skin Foam)
  • Flame Resistance and Thermal Stability
  • Cost Effective and Quick to Assemble
  • Pedestrian Protection (HIC)
  • Head Injury Criteria – Full PU Engine Cover helps optimize safety features involving pedestrians during impact

Engine Covers with Re-enforced PA-66 Plastic with PU Foam Underlay have various advantages as compared to conventional backing:

  • Higher Heat Resistance up to 140 Degrees (500 Hours)
  • Better Acoustic Performance and Lower Water Absorption
  • Resistance to Fluids and Mildew
  • Flame Resistance and Thermal Stability as per FMVSS 302
  • Quick to Assemble
  • Easy processing for complex shapes