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Quality At Netplast :-


Netplast has well equipped laboratories and testing infrastructure for testing of plastic components, testing of PU foam moulded products and testing of assemblies, manufactured by Netplast.



Some of the important quality testing machines used by Netplast uses a vast array of testing facilities which are required for different types of products. Amongst many test facilities, some of the critical facilities are listed below.


  • Electrical characteristics testing (Resistence, Insulation, Current, Micro Volt, High Volt, etc)
  • Strength Testing Machines (Tensile, Hardness, Compression, Bending Strength, etc.)
  • Photometric testing machines (Lux, Reflectivity, Transparency, Distortion, etc)
  • Chemical Testing including Moisture, Corrosion tests etc.
  • Precision measuring equipments
  • Vibration Testing
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News Flash

“Netplast receives Award of Excellence from TATA Johnsons Controls Automotive for 2011-12”

The company strives to achieve continuous improvement in its operations, for which, it has obtained ISO: 9002, QS: 9000 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 certifications.

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