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   Polyurethene Moulding :-


Netplast has a complete conveyor based system for Polyurethene (PU) foam moulding. The infrastructure for PU foam moulding consists of state of the art High Pressure PU Dispensing machines from Elastogran, GmbH., Germany. Each machine has a capacity of 4 Kg. shot weight. The company makes flexible foams as well as integral skin foams for automotive industry furniture industry, saddlery and armrests.

Netplast also has  a facility for Low Pressure PU Dispensing system used for moulding smaller components. Components upto 2 Kgs can be moulded on this dispensing system.


Netplast also has a dedicated facility for making PU Mouldings used in the automotive industry for Noise, Vibration and Heat Resistance commonly known as NVH Foams

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News Flash

“Netplast receives Award of Excellence from TATA Johnsons Controls Automotive for 2011-12”

The company strives to achieve continuous improvement in its operations, for which, it has obtained ISO: 9002, QS: 9000 and ISO/TS 16949:2009 certifications.

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